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Skin Cut or Abrasion
If you notice please call your pet groomer IMMEDIATELY. There are times that nicks can happen and the dog or cat doesnt react. Consequently, the pet groomer does not realize what has happened. For example; when you shave, sometimes you feel the cut, sometimes you just see the blood, other times you don’t find it until you see the scab the next day. You didn’t set out to cut yourself, it was an accident. We as pet groomers love our furry clients and their owners and it hurts us when we accidentally injure a client. Just as much as if it were our own dog or cat. If you feel your dog or cat needs medical attention call your Vet. Otherwise, your pet groomer should be able to help.
Here at Cute Cuts we meticulously keep notes about the ongoing services provided to your pet. We always try to notate any differences or concerns that we notice. When you pick up your pet we will make you aware of anything that we have noticed and it will also be written on your receipt. 
Please take a moment to read the following article.  
Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your pets.