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How often should my cat or dog get a clip or groom

How often should my cat or dog get a clip or groom?
Just like their Human friends, Cats and Dogs can regulary get their hair cut for style, health or shedding reasons. As a general rule of thumb it is best if they do this every 4-6 weeks.
Your pets hair type, breed, and activity level also determine how often we see them here at Cut Cuts'. 
For example: Are they indoor/outdoor? Do they have a long and/or thick coat? Do they play in or regulary walk through weeded areas, wooded areas and/or on the beach? If so they may need to come visit us more often.
YES! We will Bath your Cat!  Ask us about our specials!
It is a myth that cats clean themselves. While their tongue is designed to remove debris, it does not remove excess oils or other issues, cats can only surface clean. Imagine not being able to take a shower and just licking yourself, how clean would you be and for how long? Like dogs, most cats (and our sinuses) benefit from weekly baths with the correct shampoos.
Please take a moment to read the following article from a Veternarian.
“Cats don’t need baths; they groom themselves.” That’s one of the most common myths about cats out there. The fact is, even though cats groom themselves, they often still need baths."  
When considering owning certain breeds that will need regular grooming and whose coats require extra maintanence, you should first talk to a pet groomer, breeder, vet or animal shelter.
Here at Cut Cuts' we ALWAYS recommend DAILY brushing.  This helps remove loose hairs, minor tangles and prevents matting on your pet. It also reduces the cost of your visit with us when you participate with daily brushing.
If in the event the tangles are extensive, we STRONGLY recommend that you seek professional care from a groomer, as it can be extremely painful and in some cases dangerous to try and brush or cut these tangles out yourself.
Sometimes, nail trims are another service that need to be done in between their bath and haircuts. Your pets nails grow just like yours and need to be maintained regulary. When your pets nails grow too long it causes them a lot of discomfort and can make them irritable. Keeping them short is best for their overall health and wellbeing.   
WE CUT THEM FOR FREE!!!! (Pet Permitting.)