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Ear Issues Found

Ear Issues Found

At check -in we look inside each pets ears. Sometimes we can see a discolor & sometimes we do not see a discolor until we are bathing, clipping or grooming. This could be in the form of irritation, swelling, or actual noticed in the ear canal. Whenever we notice things that are not of the norm, we let the owners know so that they can be aware and take pet to the Veterinarian, after 1 week. Remeber we just cleaned the ears, so there may not be anything in the ear for the Veterinarian to see. This way what ever the Pet groomer saw may have a chance to fester agian for the Veterinarian to see. Otherwise the vet will be looking at clean ears and not seeing an issue. Please see http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dog-ear-infections for more information.