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Bathing at home

Bathing at home is a great way to maintain your dog or cat between haircuts, but if done incorrectly, it can lead to severe matting. The best way to bathe at home is to pre brush and comb your dog or cat before you get your dog or cat wet. If you bathe your dog or cat with tangles, it allows the tangles to become tighter and larger (then your dog or cat will chew and also contribute to the tightness).  After bathing your dog or cat it is important to dry your dog or cat completely. Letting your dog run around the house rubbing on everything may look cute, but what it is actually doing is creating a tangled mess. After your dog or cat is thoroughly dried, another round of brushing and combing needs to be done to clear any snags or tangles so that no mats can be formed. This is also a great bonding time and allows your dog or cat to become used to being brushed, combed and handled.