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Which cats or dogs should be Bathed, Clipped or Groomed

The Answer is simple……….All of them! (only if permitting)

 All cats and dogs need a good brushing and/or combing with a pet brush daily. Some cats and dogs need weekly bathing. Some cats and dogs need monthly bathing and/or grooming (cutting of hair). You may begin bathing and/or grooming as early as 8 weeks of age.

Cats and dogs toe nails can be cut and/or filed weekly.

Daily brushing helps keep hair looking nice by moving oils from the skin to the end of the hair, massages the skin, loosens dirt, removes loose hair (keeps hair off the floor), helps to reduce allergen producing pet dander and is a good positive way to spend quality, one on one time with your cats and dogs. Also keeps the cost at the groomer lower.

Weekly baths remove dirt and oils from the skin and hair and keeping cats and dogs looking and smelling their best at all times. Also makes a cats and dogs feel proud. . Also removes any loose hair that your cats and dogs may be shedding. If your cats and dogs sleep with you and/or is allowed on the furniture, this is highly recommended.

Monthly (every 4-6 weeks) hair cutting with a bath, keeps cats and dogs looking and smelling their best at all times. Also makes a cats and dogs feel proud. 

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